6 Mistakes That People Make Before Packing Their Bags

Discover our handy tips to ensure you’re ready for the relaxed vibes and memorable experiences during your stay at Bayside Glamping.

Booking Confirmation + Welcome

You’ll receive an informative 30+ page Welcome Letter when you book, that will likely answer loads of your questions. It not only includes packing tips and what’s included, but how to find the tucked away magical sites, where to eat and what to see, and even lists boutiques if you’re looking for a new summer dress.

Check Mother Nature’s Plans

Marion Bay is a coastal town, so we get a lovely sea breeze. We are much cooler down here than Adelaide; often 10 degrees cooler in summer… which makes for the perfect destination to beat the heat this summer!

Pack Layers

Our cooler summer nights often call for a hoody, but don’t be deceived; you’ll still need your bathers, beach towel, hat and sunscreen to enjoy our gorgeous beaches during the day.

Smart Packing

If you’re anything like me, I’m shocking at packing half my wardrobe for a weekend away. Both the Tent and the Tiny House are limited in size (but big in character), so we suggest not bringing a large suitcase if you can.

Meal Plan

The Welcome Letter lists what appliances are included at the site. We find that guests love a simple BBQ (some of you really go all out, and we love seeing what you create), a cheese platter to enjoy with your complimentary bottle of delicious Barley Stacks Wines, and a meal at the Marion Bay Tavern is always a hit! Be sure to book the Tav, especially during the peak season.

Exploring Marion Bay: Navigating the Charming Essentials and Seasonal Offerings

One of the biggest charms of Marion Bay is that we are a very small regional town, that consists of a tavern and general store, with seasonal opening hours. While the store stocks a pretty good variety of items these days from tin food, some fresh produce, frozen meat, fishing tackle, and even

Panadol, hay fever tablets and tampons, just be mindful of their closing time. If youreally get stuck during your stay, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, as we are always happy to help out if we can.

Tiffany Falzon

Tiffany Falzon

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